Privacy Policy

The following is the privacy and privacy policy that Viet Information Technology Project Limited Company (ViTPR – Viet Information Technology Project) commits to you when you download and install our application, please read these contents carefully before joining.

Share information

  • All personal information that you have registered with us is kept confidential and stored. We will not use it to exchange, trade or give anyone your personal information unless the competent legal agencies are required to investigate a problem or you have other legal issues.

The use of your personal information

  • The information that you register on the application will be stored for internal assessment about the application's system as well as aggregated to classify and improve the application to optimize performance and bring it to you have the best experience. Besides, we also notify system messages, update or edit related to the application.
  • Your personal information is also used to collate in cases such as you forget your account, lose your password, request re-supply of information, etc.

General policy

  • The privacy policy will be revised or updated consecutive and we will notify you.
  • We will not guarantee your safety when clicking on any link that does not belong to our system.

The policy about the age of use

  • We are committed to being openly the age for using the app as well as content suitable for that age.
  • We are committed to using advertisments appropriate to our application for each age group that the application targets.
  • Only display advertisments that are certified and allowed by Google and Apple are used on our applications.
  • We commit the components of the application comply with child-related laws and regulations, such as the U.S. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the General Data Protection Regulations of EU (GDPR).

Terms of Service

The following terms when using the applications of Viet Information Technology Project Limited Company (ViTPR - Viet Information Technology Project) are very important, please read them carefully as your commitment to us and our commitment to you when using our applications.

Description of services

  • We give members access power to applications and informations that we allowed, including: participating in the application's features, tracking the public informations related to the application.
  • We will always endeavor to ensure the stability of the application. However, we will not be able to fully commit that the application will be used constant stability or without technical errors. In case these errors occur, we will make every effort to resolve such problems so as not to affect your experiences and personal interests.
  • In addition, our applications will have certain limitations for accessing the application's resources. Consequently, you must meet specific conditions to be able to access these resources.

Our interests and responsibilities

  • We have the power to temporarily or permanently block your account if behaving harmful to the application in any way or intentionally breaching the terms that we prescribe without compensation for any damages which is for users.
  • We have the power to provide your registration information to a third party or a competent state agency in case members violate the regulations or at the request of Vietnamese law authorities to investigate unlawful behaviors.

Member’s interests and responsibilities

  • Users are committed to providing all information to the applications according to the form which we gave and the users are fully responsible for this information.
  • When registering an application, users are responsible for protecting account and not disclosing login password, if you lose your password or suspect someone has logged in illegal, you must immediately notify us to promptly support and change. However, we will not be liable to compensate for losses incurred related to the member is lost or disclosed the password in any case.
  • When a system error is detected, please contact by email: [email protected]

Sanction violation

  • When participating in registration and experience the application, if the member violate the regulations that we have declared, there will be corresponding sanctions depending on the seriousness of the violation.

+ The members copy, use the images, contents and features our application to make another application.

+ Locking account within 7 days if you violate terms and sending reminder notice.

+ Deleting the account permanently if you continue to violate.

  • Spreading or fabricating untruthful information about our applications on social networking sites and media without evidence, we will remind or notify the competent authorities to intervene.
  • Prosecuting responsibility, investigating and clarifying with members take advantage of loopholes, system errors of the applications to sabotage or exploit information.

Viet Information Technology Project Limited Company (ViTPR CO., LTD)

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